F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L Full Bore Performance Manifolds Now In Stock

Our first production run of the Full Bore Performance F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L Manifolds is now In stock.

We are inspecting and packing up some sets to ship out this week. See our Online Store to purchase your set today!

(Distributor inquiries welcome)

Proudly Designed, Cast and Machined 100% in North America!

Unleash your F-150s Full Potential with our Full Bore 3.5L V6 EcoBoost Performance Manifolds

– High performance larger runners provide 45% more flow over stock with no restriction throughout the RPM range

– Ready to support over 650 HP of flow

– Dyno proven quicker spool times

– Removes restriction of front cylinders as seen on stock manifolds, equalizing cylinder pressures

– Port matched to turbocharger turbine housing (Unlike OEM Manifolds)

– Thick wall durable High Sil Steel resists warping without cracking

– Dyno proven gains on completely stock truck of 12 RWHP 18 RW ft-lbs with massive area under the curve

( 340 RWHP & 387 ft-lbs with Box SCT Tuner )

(DYNO-mite Eddy Current Dyno, Stock 2014 F-150 with SCT Tuner)

– Users can expect exponential further gains when matched with other performance products pushing flow past the stock manifold abilities or in combination with Custom Tuning

– Users can expect 1-2 MPG fuel savings with improved manifold port geometry







28 thoughts on “F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L Full Bore Performance Manifolds Now In Stock

    • CRP Engineering says:

      Hello Anthony,

      Thank you for your interest in our products.

      Pricing is shown on our website and is currently $549.99 USD for a complete set as shown with manifold studs and nuts.
      This is direct bolt on replacement with the factory exhaust / turbo or an OEM Compatible aftermarket option.

      Best Regards,
      Andrew C – CR Performance Engineering Inc.

  1. CRP Engineering says:

    Hello Tim,

    Thank you for your interest in our performance manifolds.
    You can purchase a set here on our website, Our eBay store, Or any of our dealers such as Stage 3 Motorsports.

    If you need anything further or have more questions please just let us know.

    Best Regards,
    Andrew C – CR Performance Engineering Inc.

  2. Eric Elms says:

    I need to replace a leaking exhaust manifold gasket/probably warped manifold on the driver’s side. Could I potentially just replace the one and then hang on to the other for if/when the other side fails?

    • CRP Engineering says:

      Hello Eric,

      Yes you could install only a single side, however we recommend you keep this to a short period.

      One turbocharger would be slightly differently driven load wise, and engine back pressure may differ between banks. However the truck waste gate control should keep any differences to a minimum.
      We recommend installation on both sides during the same service, however if not possible due to time constraints etc. It should be safe for a short period without stressing components if a lighter foot is used on the throttle.

      Thank you.

      Best regards,

      Andrew C @ CR Performance Engineering Inc.

  3. Scott Cunningham says:

    Where do I find the online installation manual? Exhaust Manifold for 2016 F150 3.5l .. Thank you

    • CRP Engineering says:

      Hello Daniel,

      We offer a 1 year limited warranty on the manifolds. Please see our websites FAQ for further details.

      Thank you,
      Andrew C @ CR Performance Engineering Inc.

  4. Rob says:

    Just did a set of cr performance manifolds on 2012 f150 just wanted to comment on them awesome product install went very smooth for a first time install great customer service highly recommended product

  5. Derek Palmer says:

    Is this real? I’ve been on the website it says it’s currently backordered with a ship date of mid September? Would love to purchase if possible…

    • CRP Engineering says:

      Hello Derek,

      This news was our past / last production run, They unfortunately sold out the first week we completed these due to increased demand. However we will have the latest and largest production run to date ready shortly. We are expecting to be shipping Mid September and Have Castings in Machining starting this week.

      Thank you for your patience as we work to increase our production rates to match the new demand for this performance product.

      Andrew C @ CR Performance Engineering Inc.

  6. Brett Bolinder says:

    Hello, I’m not seeing the back order advisory information for the 2016 f150 3.5 ecoboost manifolds like I did a few weeks ago, are they currently back in stock?

    • CRP Engineering says:

      Hello Brett,

      Thanks for reaching out and your interest in our performance products.
      As of 2021-11-05 Manifolds are back in stock and we will have all of current backorders shipped by the end of next week.

      If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email Sales@CRPEngineering.com or 888-909-1320.
      Thank you.

      Andrew C @ CR Performance Engineering Inc.

  7. Marque says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m looking to replace the manifolds on my 2016 F150 3.5 Ecoboost. I’m wondering if you sell the gasket set for the manifolds as well or if the Ford OEM gaskets would suffice. Could you provide me with any additional parts needed to do the full swap.


    • CRP Engineering says:

      Hello Marque,

      We recommend using the listed Ford OEM gaskets / hardware noted in the installation manual, you can get these at any local Ford dealer or a large online one such as TascaParts.com as a example.

      At this time we do not offer a full gasket / hardware install kit direct from CRP, as most of our customers in the USA can source parts at lower cost then we can due to import charges here in Canada.
      With this said we have teamed up with one of our distributors / tuning partners, 5 Star Tuning. They offer a install kit for both our Gen 1 & Gen 2 Manifolds at the following link or give them a call.

      Thank you.
      Andrew C @ CR Performance Engineering Inc.

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