Performance Billet Wheel Installation Services

Here at CR Performance Engineering we are pleased to offer installation services for many of our products.

Digital balancing of assemblies assures maximum performance and longevity. Unlike many others we have the knowledge, equipment, and tooling to offer the best service for your performance needs!

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2 thoughts on “Performance Billet Wheel Installation Services

  1. Daved Kopp says:

    was interested in getting theses manifolds for my 2011 ecoboost f-150 i have a few questions,
    1 i have a tuner in my vehicle as was wondering if i need a custom tune for these manifolds or will my livernois tuner be fine?
    2 will this manifold help with not having studs break? or do you know of a more robust stud that can be installed?
    3 i also have the spd adaptors for the back side of the manifold is it still ok to have theses

    • CRP Engineering says:

      Hello Daved,

      A custom tune is not required to run these performance manifolds as they will be within the stock mapping. However a tuner or custom tune will take more advantage of the upgrade.
      Yes these assist in reducing load on the studs with larger bosses at the stud locations, along with other durability increasing features.
      ARP 400-8034 is compatible with these manifolds, however please note we have not tested to date with stainless studs. The higher thermal expansion of stainless studs may lift clamping loads on the gaskets.

      SPD adaptors on the turbocharger outlets are fully compatible with our product.

      Thank you,
      Andrew C @ CR Performance Engineering Inc.

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