Monthly Archives: October 2019

F-150 Gen 2 / Raptor 3.5L 2017+ Performance Manifolds Development Update

This week at CR Performance Engineering we are pleased to announce we are getting closer to production of our F-150 Gen 2 / Raptor 3.5L EcoBoost Full Bore Performance Manifolds. 2017+ Gen 2 Owners along with Raptor owners can look forward to an excellent performance product from us to add some area under the curve, […]

New Equipment SuperFlow SF-600 Flow Bench

This week we have been setting up our latest validation equipment, A Super Flow SF-600 Flow Bench. With this new equipment we will be able to validate our designs flow improvements, yielding the ability to compare intakes, CAC tubing, port geometry and many other components. This SF-600 Flow Bench model also comes with the SuperFlow […]