CRP 2021-2024+ Bronco 2.7L Turbo Upgrades now available!

Turbo Upgrades are here for the Ford Bronco 2.7L!

Highly modified stock turbos with industry leading CR Performance upgrades are now available!

We take the current stock bronco 34mm inducers up to a high flow 41mm design for our Stage 3 (7+7 Blade). This setup is optimal for mid to top end with pump gas at 93 Octane or E50 / E85.

Or check out our Stage 2 38.5mm (6+6 Blade) if you pull a trailer frequently or hit the trails, this setup is for great towing performance on pump fuel, great response in the low to mid range when off-roading and or towing. The Stage 2 is a perfect mix of added power and response with a towing surge margin.

Both options come along with a increased exducer size with an advanced performance extended tip, offering excellent performance from a stock location turbo set.


Check the following links for more details or to get a set on order!