F-150 GEN2 / Raptor 3.5L 2017+ Performance Manifolds Flow Bench Validation

This week at CR Performance Engineering we are pleased to announce we have issued a PO for tooling for our GEN 2 Performance Manifolds as we have completed a quick Flow bench validation of gains over stock.

We tested at the standard 25 Inch H20 to confirm our intended gains over the stock manifold.

Flow Bench Results showed a consistent average minimum increase of 5% and over 5% more flow to the center cylinders both banks! This will equal gains in the range of ~10-15 HP at all RPM for stock users, and ~15-25 HP for those with turbo upgrades in the 500-650+ HP Range. Torque gains will be comparable to our GEN 1 Set.

Please see the following photos of the testing setups.

Release date for production is set in early to mid 2020, we are targeting before summer release, check back with us soon with us for a updated release date.

Thank you!