F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade 42mm 2013-2016

This week at CR Performance Engineering Inc. we are officially releasing the 42mm/56mm upgrade for 2011-2016 year ranges on the 3.5L F-150 We have proven results of over 500 RWHP and 458 ft lbs on 93 Octane along with 546 RWHP and 490 ft lbs with E30 Blend.   Stage 3 CR Performance Engineering 3.5L […]

F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L Full Bore Performance Manifolds – QC

Today at CR Performance Engineering we completed the last of our Quality Control and Inspection on the latest production run of the Full Bore Performance F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L Manifolds. We work hard to assure we provide the highest quality on our products for you our customer See our Online Store or contact us to purchase […]

Happy Holidays from CR Performance Engineering

Happy Holidays! From everyone at CR Performance Engineering Inc. Thank you to all our loyal customers for an excellent year. We also wish to thank our excellent dealers, suppliers and partners for their hard work and support. We wish you all a prosperous and happy new year! Please Note: We are now closed for the […]

F-150 EcoBoost 2.7L Product Development Turbo Upgrade 37mm, 40mm, 41mm

This week at CR Performance Engineering we completed our prototype set of F-150 2.7L (2015+) EcoBoost turbochargers. This set is a Stage 3 prototype 41mm inducer (Pictured) however we will also offer a more moderate high performing upgrade 37mm set. Prototype 41mm Inducer F150 2.7L Turbochargers Prototype 41mm F150 2.7L Turbocharger   Stock F150 2.7L […]

Ford 7.3L GTP38 Billet Upgrade Kit – Now Available with 67mm

This week our CNC has been hard at work for the Ford 7.3L kits and we are pleased to offer the Ford 7.3L GTP38 Billet Upgrade Kit with a 66mm or 67mm inducer to keep your 7.3L EGTs nice and cool. We are also pleased to offer custom profiling services. Please contact with your requirements for […]

F-150 Gen 2 3.5L 2017+ Performance Manifolds Now In Development

Here at CR Performance Engineering we are pleased to announce we will be moving forward on product development for the F-150 Gen 2 3.5L EcoBoost Full Bore Performance Manifolds. We have a set of Turbocharger and Stock Manifolds on the Faro CMM this week for high precision measurement. We see many similar opportunities as seen […]

F-150 EcoBoost 2.7L Performance Billet Turbocharger Wheels

CR Performance is pleased to release our F-150 EcoBoost 2.7L Performance Billet Turbocharger Wheels.   CR Performance Billet Flank Milled Upgrade Compressor Wheels for the Ford F-150 2.7L EcoBoost Comes with a set of both Left Side and Right Side Billet Performance Compressor Wheels   Application: 2015+ F-150 2.7L EcoBoost (Not compatible with 3.5L, Please see […]