New CRP 3.5L Stage 5 Turbo Upgrade with High flow CR Turbines

This week here at CR Performance Engineering Inc. we have a new product coming very soon for those hunting for serious power on their 3.5L. We have developed a high flow 5mm larger 8 blade turbine set with an advanced MAR material capable of higher temperature operation without fatigue vs normal inconel turbines.

We will offer this upgrade on all F150 & Raptor 3.5L from 2011-2020+. And note the design is tailored to our performance manifolds flow ability on both Gen 1&2 3.5L engines and will make for a serious combination over stock.

We are in testing currently with a 46mm Compressor Combination and the Stage 5 50mm Turbine. Stock turbines are shown on the left and our new high flow turbines on the right.

A closer look at these new Stage 5 turbines

Our Stage 4 Turbines compatible with OE turbine housings on the left and our Stage 5 on the right.

Contact us for more details and stay tuned for release in 2020