F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L Performance Manifolds – Sample Castings

Here at CR Performance Engineering we are continuing to push forward with our 2011-2016+ F-150 EcoBoost Performance Manifold Design. Sample castings have just arrived and we will now be proceeding with our Quality Control Checks before approving casting production.

We are proudly having this manifold cast, machined, and painted all here in Canada, and we take pride in this is a 100% North American Canadian Manufactured Product.

Sample CR Performance Castings (Front) Vs OEM Manifold (Rear)


Sample CR Performance Castings

With a 40% larger flow area over the restricted OEM manifolds performance users will see excellent performance gains.

For those who are looking for towing performance or for fuel economy gains look no further as the port matched manifold outlets will increase flow efficiency, yielding better fuel economy. A big gain vs the OEM undersized outlet ports with a large stepped outlet.

We have also removed a massive restriction on the front Cylinders as seen on the OEM piece, an advantage for both performance and towing applications more details coming soon. This advanced design restores equal back pressure to all cylinders.

Overall these manifolds will be a superior combination with both stock turbochargers and performance variants for both HP and Fuel Economy. They are also a more advanced material and stronger than OEM resisting warpage as seen already in the OEM Ford Manifolds.

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2 thoughts on “F-150 EcoBoost 3.5L Performance Manifolds – Sample Castings

  1. Nagcse says:

    EcoBoost F150 a ton of power without any hard parts at all, and can even compensate for extremely aggressive modifications like downpipes, water-methanol kits, and aftermarket turbos.

    • CRP Engineering says:


      Thank you for your comment. I agree the EcoBoost Engine is very adaptable to bolt on parts and is a great base for adding power. We look forward to future developments in engine technology from Ford, they have truly adopted turbocharging platforms to allow fuel efficiency and power all in one package.

      We are currently working hard to get our machined samples of our 3.5L performance manifolds tested in the next few weeks. These will soon be approved for production. We will then move onto completing our upgrade 42mm Inducer 3.5L Turbocharger Sets.

      Best Regards,
      Andrew C – CR Performance Engineering Inc.

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