2021-2023 F150 3.5L / Raptor Stage 3 & 4 Turbo Upgrades Now Available

This week at CR Performance Engineering Inc. we have just completed our first production run of the Stage 3 & 4 turbo upgrades for 2021+ 3.5L (Gen 3 Engine). These upgrades use a high flow 46mm/56mm (59.6mm Ex Tip) compressor upgrade and OE Turbine for Stage 3 and our high flow performance CR 45mm 8 Blade MAR turbines for Stage 4.

This Stage 4 offers

  • Premium street performance on 93 Octane and entry level E50 / E85 use to over 600 RWHP.

The stage 3 offers

  • Excellent power per dollar with solid street performance over 500RWHP on 93 Octane.

Please note orders may take up to 2-3 weeks due to high demand. Thank you for your patience as we ramp up this product line.

Next up is Gen 3 Performance Manifolds, currently in development, release date TBD.