2017-2020 3.5L Ecoboost Full Bore Upgrade Manifold Set Garrett Powermax Spacers Kit

78.99 USD

High Performance Stainless Steel Spacers to allow use of CRP Manifolds (500117X / 500117X-R) with Garrett Powermax Turbochargers 

Increases manifold clearance to allow High Flow CR Manifolds (500117X / 500117X-R) to be used with Garrett Powermax Turbochargers 

Ships FAST via Air Mail! Directly From Canada OR packed with your manifold order


2017           FORD F150 3.5L
2018-2020  FORD F150 3.5L
2017-2020  FORD Raptor 3.5L
2018-2020  FORD Expedition 3.5L


Part Numbers / Ford OEM Gaskets Required with the kit:

1x Ford PN# HL3Z-9450-A (PS / RH) 2017 DS F150 3.5L Turbo Gasket MLS (R / PS)
(Manifold to Spacer 2017-20)
1x Ford PN# HL3Z-9448-C (DS / LH) 2017 PS F150 3.5L Turbo Gasket MLS (L / DS)
(Manifold to Spacer 2017-20)
2x Ford PN# JL3Z-9450-A 2018-20 F150 3.5L Turbocharger Gasket (R / PS) (L / DS)
(Spacer to Turbo 2017-20)

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